Safari Lodges

Stay in a purpose built safari lodge to experience the best of Sri Lanka's wildlife. These safari lodges are situated very close to some of the national parks in Sri Lanka. Following are of the hand picked fine Safari Lodges Sri Lanka has to offer.

Gal Oya Safari Lodge.

Discover Sri Lanka's forgotten National Park, Gal Oya. With the country's largest lake, the wildlife is best seen from a boat safari, especially the swimming elephants.

Aiya Safari Camp.

Jungle Lodge Buttala is an authentic jungle Lodge with tented accommodation and simple living in harmony with wild nature. Jungle Lodge Buttala offer no frills, back to nature and rustic environment with more enthusiasm pure nature.

Rural farm Stay.

Wellawaya Rural Farm Stay is an off the beaten rustic and eco getaway well away from the hustle and bustle form the city and towns. This is an ideal place for adventure seeking travelers to to live a in a working farm with many agricultural crops and see Wild Elephants in the comfort of your bedroom itself.

Yala Adventure lodge

May you live longer Unsullied and heart full wishes of Sri Lankans well comes you.Yala Lake Camp Characterizing the nature in its purest form combined with finest luxury stay. Consist of luxury tented accommodations –at its finest and comfortable rooms.