Adenomus Kelaarti

Adenomus Kelaarti also known as Kelaart’s toad or Kelaart’s Dwarf toad is endemic to Sri Lanka. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has assessed it as being an endangered species. It is deep brown in colour with the skin in some individuals being smooth while other having a rough spiky texture. This species of toad is fairly small; the male measuring 25-33mm from snout to vent and the female measuring 36-50mm. It is endemic to the southwestern regions of Sri Lanka where its natural habitats are tropical humid forests, moist lowland forests, montane forests, rivers and fresh water marshes. Being active both by day and night, the Kelaart’s Toad is found to exist in lower tree trunks, leaf litter, decaying logs and close to streams where it feeds on insects, worms and other small prey.