Amphibian of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an amphibian hotspot exhibiting a high density of species per unit area. Sri Lanka is home to 119 species of amphibians of which 103 are endemic making Sri Lanka the country with the highest amphibian endemism in Asia. Sri Lanka is also categorized as having a high percentage of extinct and threatened amphibian species in Asia. Bufo Atukorale also known as the Yala Toad or Atukorale’s Dwarf toad and Adenomus Kelaarti also known as Kelaart’s toad or Kelaart’s Dwarf toad are both endemic to Sri Lanka, while many new species of amphibians have been observed in the past decade with special emphasis on the discovery of eight new shrub frogs from the Peak Wilderness and a new species of tree frog discovered in the Gillimale Forest in the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary. Most Amphibian species can be observed in the many National Parks with special emphasis on the Sinharaja Rain Forest where the greatest number of amphibian species and endemic species in Sri Lanka are found.